10 Things Parents Secretly Sacrifice to Make Their Kids’ Lives Better

Our parents give us so many things throughout our lifetime. From before our birth to our childhood and even into our adult years, they never stop giving…even when it means giving up their own wants and needs. We never appreciate just how much they do for us until we become parents ourselves. Even then, sometimes we don’t know until it’s too late and they’re gone.  So, let’s change that. Read on for 10 things all parents secretly sacrifice to make their kids’ lives better.  Then, go thank mom and dad for everything they did for you.

Things Parents Secretly Sacrifice to Make Their Kids’ Lives Better

I came across this great quote the other day that said, “Appreciate your parents. You never know what sacrifices they went through for you.” It really made me think about the things that we all give up for our kids, which in turn made me realize that our own parents gave up the same things for us. From small sacrifices to major life changes, here are the top ten things that parents give up to make sure their kids have a better life.

10. Sleep

Sleep deprivation is so common in early parenthood that it’s almost an inside joke among moms and dads. Here’s the thing, it doesn’t end when our babies start sleeping through the night. It lasts throughout their entire childhood and beyond.

We take turns staying up all night making sure our kids don’t wander those first nights in their “big kid” bed. The night before their first day of kindergarten, our nerves keep us tossing and turning. When they announce that they want to be Elsa instead of Anna for Halloween, we stay up all night transforming their costume. The list goes on and on…as do the sleepless nights.